Tundra Winds Images by Donna Dannen | About
As a young girl, I spent weekends and vacations with my family exploring the historic and scenic areas of Ohio, Kentucky, and the natural areas of the eastern U.S.  I enjoyed taking photos of these places with my Kodak Instamatic and my pictures were often commented on:  "She has a 'natural eye,'" they said.  When I was in college in one of those wonderfully rich scenic areas, I began making friends with other students who enjoyed the wanderlust I did.  Many of them were fellow climbers, spelunkers, skiers, hikers and especially, photography majors.  From them my world expanded.  A trip to the western U.S. opened my eyes to further my appreciation of what our world held to explore and photograph.  I worked for the National Park Service, the National Wildlife Federation, the Audubon Society, Eastman Kodak as a Park Service liaison, and on several travel research projects for Reader's Digest Books.  The earth became a canvas to portray in all of its beauty and moods.  Looking more closely revealed the rich web of life that filled every habitat and environment.  My own patience and observation created appreciation of the interlacing of the world around us.  Today my photographs portray what I have learned and experienced.  My hope is that they will instill a sense of the beauty and mystery that connects us all.